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Inviting, eco-friendly interiors: all our tips for sustainable furnishing solutions

Renew your rooms with eco-friendly choices, and discover all the advantages of eco-friendly furnishings

Sustainable furniture design

In recent years, safeguarding the planet and reducing environmental impact have become urgent, profoundly felt issues. A growing number of consumers are becoming aware of the repercussions their everyday life choices have on the environment around them, and are starting to call their lifestyle into question and moving towards more sustainable behaviour and everyday choices.

This eco-friendly commitment inevitably regards every aspect of our lives, from the means of transport we choose to the attention we pay to recycling, without forgetting the design of our living spaces, and above all of our homes.


Have you ever heard of Sick-building Syndrome? It’s a real sensation of indisposition caused by spending a long time in an unhealthy indoor environment, in which seemingly harmless elements such as furniture, paint or varnishes slowly release polluting substances that are dangerous to our bodies, as well as to nature.

So making more informed, eco-friendly choices is advantageous both for the environment and for our health, and this is why designers and project engineers are paying increasing attention to Low Impact Living, by choosing eco-compatible products made with zero-impact materials and compliant with environmental regulations.

To make our homes really safe, it’s essential to choose materials that are not only sound, beautiful and lasting, but above all with low toxicity: for example, for sustainable furnishings, eco-design favours bamboo, cardboard or wood, with a rigorously certified origin and sourced locally if possible.

While for sofas and fabrics the preference is for natural, hypoallergenic fibres such as organic cotton, highly transparent and free from additives, for lighting systems, the preference is for LED lights, eco-friendly bulbs and solar panels: all technologies with high performance and low environmental impact.

For floors and walls, the obvious choice is ceramics: a natural, recyclable, safe material, because it is hypoallergenic, fire-resistant and suitable for all areas subject to all types of stress.

Marca Corona has always been committed to the green cause, investing in new, cutting-edge technologies to produce quality, Italian ceramics, with complete respect for the host area and in compliance with the numerous international regulations. The excellence and sustainability of Marca Corona products and processes is demonstrated above all by the numerous certifications and declarations held, including the HPD (Health Product Declaration), the declaration on the health characteristics of the finished product, the PEF (Product Environmental Footprint), certifying the environmental impact of a product throughout its lifestyle.

Sustainable furniture design

If you’re designing or renovating your home, ceramic flooring is strongly recommended to make for a truly sustainable environment, and with all the options Marca Corona has to offer, it’ll be easy to find the look best suited to your style and design project.

Sustainable furniture design

For a truly natural setting, why not go for the authentic look of the Overclay collection, featuring earthy floors and walls in warm, inviting colours? The surfaces and material nuances are able to evoke the natural shades of the desert, blending perfectly with sustainable furnishings, recycled elements or other natural materials.

This new collection focuses on expressive, trend-driven nuances, inspired by clay and terracotta, and versatile sizes: the perfect backdrop to set off furnishing accessories in non-treated wood, metal design elements with an industrial inspiration and carpets and curtains in natural fibres.

To complete this raw-chic style, all it takes are some small flower arrangements, green touches and soft lights, able to reconnect with nature both indoors and outdoors.  
From the kitchen to the living room, as well as the bedroom and bathroom, the authentic, material character of Overclay turns every room into a relaxing, safe haven in keeping with the requirements of green design.

Sustainable furniture design
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