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Design Trends 2018, between Maison&Objet and Milano Design Week

During the Maison&Objet Paris 2018, interior design has finally distanced itself from aseptic minimalism that has characterised interiors and home décor in recent years, bringing to the fore new languages and 70s references.
The new trends that emerged a few days ago at the Salone del Mobile confirm this new and captivating stylistic expression dominated by material textures, three-dimensional forms, strong colours and rich decorations.

Design is emotion”, says Claudio Luti, President of the Salone del Mobile of Milan. Design lovers should not be afraid to take risks. 2018 features mix&match versatility, new combinations of colours, shapes and materials that create a continuous and stimulating effect of surprise. The secret is to let yourself be inspired, to customise the interiors according to your tastes and preferences where design becomes a sensory and emotional experience.


Be Human” is the message that comes from the heart of Milan Design Week. In the Brera Design District, empathy becomes “the engine that moves design and the driving force behind the creative phase, as well as the emotion that gives life to an ideal project focused on the wellbeing of all.”
And authenticity becomes the new stylistic must-have: material authenticity expressed through highly tactile surfaces interpreted with new colours and new shine.


Trend 1: Texture & Shine

Texture & Shine is the founding principle of the latest creations, with seductive aesthetic effects and surprising material combinations, where wood and stone are enriched with sophisticated metal elements. The refined, bright and contemporary colours are emblematic of the natural aspect of the materials of inspiration.


This mood is best expressed in the brand-new collection by Marca Corona called Arkistone. It is a combination of three stones featuring an elegant tweed-inspired pattern and sinuous shapes complemented by opalescent veining and ultra-glamorous metal inserts.

Charm is not the only prerogative of Arkistone. In fact, the natural finish, structured and textured collection comes in a variety of sizes that can make even the smallest aesthetic dream come true. However, professionals and design lovers will have to wait for the HD Expo and Coverings to admire all its qualities.

Trend 2: colours and three-dimensionality

The second must-have trend inspired by haute couture is colour blocking for interiors, expressed in three dimensions evoked by 1970s design trends: the same desire to amaze and to innovate indoor spaces. The seventies style is also expressed in three-dimensional shapes, which take preference over traditionally two-dimensional décor items such as floors and walls.
The sensory experience is enveloping: sight and touch will delight in the new neutral colours, full-bodied matte surfaces and creative designs, stimulated by new structures.

The brand-new Bold collection by Marca Corona interprets this new trend with extreme originality. The ceramic plasticity is coloured with emotion through four matte-effect nuances – the ultra-trendy white, salvia, marsala and senape – perfect for mono-chrome solutions or contrasting combinations with high aesthetic appeal.

Bold also proposes three surfaces, smooth, 3D striped and 3D circled to express its three-dimensional retro character. Finally, the gap plays a leading role in enhancing the original textural quality and giving life to new innovative and eccentric spaces.


Trend 3: textural crossing


The juxtaposition of materials and tactile dimension are essential elements for the most cutting-edge interior design projects. After all, why settle for one sign, one material, when you can enjoy endless experiences?
In ceramics, this inspiration turns into natural textures with a vintage flavour, authentic materials that create an intimate atmosphere.

Marca Corona interprets this new trend with the Elemento collection in wood-effect and terracotta stoneware previewed at the exhibitions of Las Vegas and Atlanta.

Surfaces characterised by intense veining, furrowed by time, highly tactile, with extraordinary stylistic versatility as well as countless installation possibilities (lengthwise, Italian-style, in parallel..), Elemento comes in exquisitely contemporary colours that can perfectly match up to each other to create a remarkable colour crossing.

Would you like a preview of the new design trends? Marca Corona looks forward to seeing you at HD EXPO (Booth 4461) and Coverings 2018 (Booth 1843)

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