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Functional, inviting and practical, for a beautiful result every time. This is the spirit of the modern bathroom, one of the most frequently used rooms in the home, where we retreat to for some peace and a chance to relax.
If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom or give it a makeover, a look at the top glam trends might help you to choose the style that best suits your mood.


Natural Style

If you’re inspired by the new Biophilic trend, with a close eye on the natural sphere and on physical and mental wellbeing, the solution for you is the Soul Bay collection of stone-effect white-body tiles, an authentic material with a timeless allure.

Soul Bay boasts a sophisticated, relaxing colour palette, composed of a variety of neutral shades (pearl grey, talcum, rope and mud) and a fresher, right-on-trend nuance: watery blue.

The surfaces, in the 40x80 size, are characterised by uneven textures, relief patterns and material details, designed to embellish and enliven these Italian bathroom tiles.
The slightly worn touch is reminiscent of the natural splendour of stone, making it the perfect solution for turning your bathroom into an oasis of wellbeing.


The decorative options will appeal both to fans of geometric patterns and to aficionados of oriental style. The material is explored through two three-dimensional geometric patterns: the Line element features sophisticated alternating grooves, while Form offers a series of elegant, diamond-cut relief effects. Graphic creativity is expressed by delightful wallpaper-effect wall coverings: Flowery with its Arab-inspired floral patterns, and Japanese, featuring iridescent relief effects inspired by Japanese fabrics.

Colorful 3D

Colour and three-dimensional effects remain the coolest trends.

Creativity is expressed to the full on the walls, brought to life with three-dimensional effects, interplay of light and shade, tactile and colour emotions. Marca Corona interprets this trend in two ways: the playful Bold coverings and the more sophisticated 4D series.

Bold is all about the carefree, playful nature of design and the colours and emotions it is expressed through, with retro shades and striking three-dimensional effects: four irresistible matt shades (white, salvia, marsala and senape), ideal for contrasting laying patterns or striking colour block options.

The collection is designed to satisfy the most audacious of designers, looking for decidedly eye-catching colour combinations.


The satin-finish base tiles, in the 40x80cm size, acquire volume in two 3D textures packed with brio: the elegant, rhythmical Line and the fun, cheeky Round. The same geometric patterns are featured on two original mosaics, composed of mesh-backed rods and circles in the 40x40 size.

The 4D wall coverings offer a more sophisticated interpretation of 3D, in two purer, more theatrical interpretations - white and deep blue. This collection of white-body (40x80) and glazed porcelain stoneware (20x20) bathroom tiles boasts a contemporary elegance, focusing on the visual and tactile dimension of its sophisticated geometries.

The three-dimensional decorations available range from the geometric rigour of Diamond, Diagonal, Hexagon, Chevron and Line to the softer appeal of Nature and Flower, and all of them have a smooth feel and an irresistible satin finish. This unique style can easily be combined with a variety of bathroom flooring options – such as wood-effect or marble-effect stoneware – for a material crossover with a striking look.


Retro mood

Last but not least, the retro mood remains popular for the coolest public and private settings, from co-working areas to the latest bistros, as well as residential living rooms and on-trend hotels. Its great success derives from its evocative appeal and its ability to bring back engaging memories and recall design d’antan, from Art Nouveau to Art Deco.

When we talk about ceramics for the bathroom, cementine tiles are undoubtedly the most popular choice: a design element able to bring a look of simple elegance to an entire setting. Marca Corona offers an ultra-chic interpretation with its Line 1741.

The stoneware cementine tiles from the Ossidi series focus on elegant colour and authentic material, offering an eye-catching selection of shades (white, grey, black, light blue and dark red) and two different finishes: a dusty finish with a hand-crafted look and a glam, glossy option.
Thanks to the small, versatile sizes available, the collection offers maximum creative freedom and a variety of interesting laying schemes.


Along with the plain-coloured base tiles and the 20x20 graphic decorations, Ossidi also offers an original 18.7x32.4 diamond-shaped tile, available in both matt and glossy versions.

Designers can unleash their creativity with endless graphic and colour combinations with a confidently retro chic flavour.

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