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Wall tile trends: add character and colour with 3D surfaces

Customising your residential and commercial settings is easy and fun with ceramic wall tiles featuring three-dimensional decorations


3d coverings by Marca Corona

Sophistication, minimalism and uniqueness are the new musts for interior design. Furnishing a space means selecting a small number of versatile and expressive elements, capable of blending in easily with other details and of conveying the desired style and atmosphere, without ever getting tired. 
While interior furnishings are becoming increasingly understated, eccentric and modern, floor and wall tiles no longer simply meet the need for technical functionality and practical cleaning: surfaces have become a new means of communication, an unprecedented form of expression and anything but banal.

Ceramic materials, such as porcelain tiles and white body, are not simply hard-wearing and durable, but they also succeed in supporting the creative design of any residential or public setting, thanks to the variety of styling effects, colours, finishes and decorations they can replicate… including 3D motifs! Launched in the Seventies, and unjustly labelled as “kitsch”, 3D surfaces are making a come-back, in a more modern and sophisticated version.

Attractive both to touch and to look at, three-dimensional wall tiles are ideal to add character to the smallest or the most trivial rooms of the home, to design veritable corners of design or to dare, transforming the appearance of an entire room. 3D surfaces amplify space, creating movement and exploiting light - be it natural or artificial - to create games of shadows, graphics and reliefs that are simply surprising. The wow effect is guaranteed even in small rooms or dark and dingy corners: what counts is having carefully studied lighting systems!

Despite the relief graphics, often with irregular shapes or with sophisticated textured details, three-dimensional ceramic surfaces do not generate any particular critical issues in terms of practicality of cleaning and hard-wearing resistance: choosing 3D ceramic wall tiles guarantees the same performance levels of a long life, easy cleaning and immunity to dirt, mould, mildew and bacteria as traditional ceramic surfaces. Ceramic is the ideal solution for cladding settings which are subject to frequent cleaning or the constant presence of water and moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens, commercial spaces and wellness areas. 

So how do you choose the most suitable 3D wall tiles for your project?

The variety of looks, colours and patterns available makes your decision anything but simple, but at the end of the day, it’s a question of personal taste… or of love at first sight!
Among the many solutions available, the most popular 3D surfaces feature geometrical patterns or they ride the wave of green thinking and of the connection between humans and nature with romantic floral motifs.
The colours range from neutral and delicate palettes, such as white and beige, to brighter and more gaudy hues, with maximum styling impact, without neglecting pastel hues, which are incredibly trendy and chic. 

3d coverings by Marca Corona

Are you looking specifically for relief wall tiles with a bon ton taste?!
Then you can’t miss out on the Victoria series of wall tiles, inspired by the elegance of Neoclassical style! This new Marca Corona collection offers a versatile and trendy colour palette, which explores various shades of green, pink, and beige, with irresistible satin finishes.
Victoria wall tiles succeed in embellishing the setting and in giving new light and character to residential and commercial interiors, thanks to 2 innovative three-dimensional patterns, Art and Panel: while the former focuses on geometries with an eccentric design, Panel brings to mind the elegant wall panelling of the late 19th Century, lending an exclusive and timeless charm to even the most simple and confined spaces.

For a bolder and more minimal look, you can count on the 4D series, one of the most popular ceramic tile collections by Marca Corona: the 4D three-dimensional graphics feature sophisticated natural elements or geometric shapes, which are produced in the candid White version and in the attractive Deep Blue variant, one of the trendiest colours at the moment.

Thanks to the selected colours and to the modern satin finish, the combination with wood, stone or marble look floor tiles has never been simpler or cooler.

3d coverings by Marca Corona
3d coverings by Marca Corona

If on the other hand you prefer reliefs with softer and more natural hues, then Soul Bay surfaces are the most appropriate solution for your interior design: the new collection of Marca Corona wall tiles wagers on exclusive geometric reliefs, Form with stylish diamond volumes, and Line with a double band of relief lines in a staggered layout. The decorative presentation then offers wallpaper look decorations, inspired by gentle Oriental elegance.
Especially suited to bathrooms, Soul Bay blends in seamlessly with various looks and materials, allowing you to recreate relaxed and enveloping atmospheres, for a veritable corner of well-being and relaxation in the comfort of your own home!

The Phase and Arkistone stone look porcelain tile collections on the other hand accommodate bolder, more contemporary design requirements, shifting the focus from colour to the mere three-dimensional appeal and developing geometric and textured materials that are also perfect for decorating the living room of a home or public and hospitality settings too, such as stores and shopping centres.
The decorative presentation of Arkistone includes an incredibly trendy and versatile chevron motif: this herringbone laying pattern with soft alternating reliefs transforms floor tiles and wall tiles into design elements that won’t go unnoticed.

The Phase series on the other hand offers its own interpretation of the 3D trend with Storm, a three-dimensional structure devised for wall tiling, distinguished by light scrapes, waves and sinuous patterns, capable of turning concrete look surfaces into incredibly refined and original decorative elements.

3d coverings by Marca Corona

Aesthetics and material catering to the needs of interior design

Sinuous waves, geometric patterns, refined bas-reliefs or retro-style wall panelling: Marca Corona’s 3D surfaces accommodate all style and functionality requirements, lending character and charm to residential and commercial interiors. Our three-dimensional wall tiles will definitely not go unnoticed, as they are designed to be eye-catching and above all to enhance the value of every setting to the full: Marca Corona ceramic surfaces adapt to any style of interiors without ever clashing and they succeed in accommodating the tastes and personalities of their inhabitants, guaranteeing the utmost domestic bliss …they are versatile and sophisticated design solutions you will never tire of!


Let the 3D tiles by Marca Corona win you over, to design new settings with a unique and attractive decorative design!

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