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The new trends are seeing a return to wood and the triumph of Nordic style, a combination perfectly embodied in Lagom, the new Marca Corona series inspired by Karin Larsson, the first female designer! Marca Corona pays homage to Karin Bergöö Larsson, a Swedish artist and designer (1859-1928) that to this day delights the observer with her beautifully sophisticated, inviting ambiences. Her most famous work is without doubt her family home, immortalised in numerous paintings and watercolours by her husband Carl Larsson, featuring everything from the chairs to the blankets, as well as fabrics, furnishings, embroidery and aprons (the famous “karinförkläde”), all the fruit of her elegant, creative vein and attention to detail.

Karin Larsson turned discreet, no-frills design into an authentic art form. Everything revolves around an intimate, family dimension, and illustrates it to perfection. Furniture, decorations, the way objects and little details are arranged… every single element is part of a larger visual symphony, discreet yet engaging. Her legacy - Manifesto of Swedish Style – remains a benchmark and a beacon for anyone seeking some Nordic-style furnishing inspiration.

Quality ceramic tiles

Lagom wood-effect floor and wall coverings!

This is the allure that’s the hallmark of Lagom, the new series of decorated woods. Simple and sophisticated, Lagom offers a reproduction of one of the most noble woods, oak, amplifying its expressive power with a sophisticated, contemporary colour palette designed to create a uniform carpet effect or more complex colour combinations. Three natural shades for warmer settings - Light, Blond and Moka – and three cooler nuances - White, Grey and Black – for minimal, contemporary spaces.

Quality ceramic tiles

Balanced, timeless design

Lagom offers ample expressive freedom and a variety of laying options. Thanks to the wide range of sizes, effects and decorations, the series makes it possible to create particularly interesting graphic, colour and material combinations. A wonderfully original, smooth effect, for unique, inviting, timeless projects, ideal for hosting elements from different periods and places.


The 15x120 wood-effect stoneware surfaces closely resemble natural wooden boards, enhanced with beautiful patterns that recall the sophisticated design of the Larsson home.
Patterns and sizes are enriched with concrete-look inserts in warm and cool shades, for a modern material and colour crossover effect.

The heart of the series remains the two Mix Decori options, featuring the light, airy graphics of Linear and the flora inlays of Folk, an invitation to unleash all our creativity with graphic full and void effects and original compositions. A further touch of elegance is added by the splendid 7.5x45 Chevron pattern, a distinctive, timeless classic.

Quality ceramic tiles

Let you capture the beauty of Lagom decorated wood effect surfaces!

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