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The contract design industry is exploring new trends in experiential retail: concept stores, boutiques and showrooms aim to engage the consumer on an emotional level, developing precise visual strategies that guide every single choice, right down to the smallest detail.

The store of the future is sensory-based: the brand interacts with the consumer through the five senses, offering an engaging and unforgettable brand experience.
The shopping experience empathises with customers, welcoming them, surprising them and satisfying every need, to transform the brand into a lovemark.


Retail is omnichannel. The integration of online and offline channels makes the product accessible across multiple platforms: physically present, but also digitally. Consumers are able to touch or explore the product with their hands via a touch-screen or augmented reality, they can purchase it immediately or through ecommerce. This offers customers a shopping experience with more freedom and flexibility.

Every product sector must have a consistent stylistic language that effectively tells the story of the product and interacts with people. Every detail – lighting, sound, fragrance – must align with the style and values of the brand.


Contemporary and alternative taste


Perfect for alternative stores and venues, the Bleecker collection allows creating captivating environments that enhance the product and allow it to take centre stage.

Bleecker floors and walls are inspired by a material still scarcely used in interior design: OSB (Oriented Strand Board) created from wood panels, which makes Bleecker a perfect and highly original solution for any cutting-edge brand.

The most impressive aspect is the dynamic and strong aesthetic value of these wood-effect porcelain stoneware surfaces, where the individual OSB fibres play the starring role. 

The collection comes in five sizes and six shades, ranging from the delicate colours of White, Beige, Grey and Dark Grey to the more contemporary colours of Sage and Maple, which allow creating striking hues and colour schemes.

Exclusive settings full of atmosphere

The Chalk collection is perfect for businesses and shops that want to offer a warm and inviting atmosphere. The variety of patterns, sizes and colours of this collection allow creating new and highly personalised settings, ranging from hipster-style furnishings to more relaxed and new romantic atmospheres.

The versatile installation applications and wide range of colours of the Chalk collection allows designers to create endless decorative compositions. The concrete-effect porcelain stoneware collection consists of diamond-shaped, 20x20 and brick floor and wall tiles, which comes in elegant and trendy colours ranging from air force blue to sage green.

The delicate and chalky shades create an alluring textured look with incredible expressiveness and lightness. The 20x20 format – produced in 38 different geometric patterns – allows playing with shapes and colours to give the consumer a pleasant, light-hearted experience.

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