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The US West Coast sees the return of the cult event that celebrates the Architecture and Design, Fashion and Lifestyle of the Fifties and Sixties.

From 14 to 24 February, Palm Springs will be turned into the capital of Mid-century Modern style, or “Desert Modernism”, one of the leading lights of which is the Swiss architect Albert Frey.


It promises to be a red-hot week, packed with events, in the extraordinary location of Palm Springs, the best-loved city of Hollywood stars and Millennials that hosts radically ultra-chic events such as the Palm Springs International Film Festival and the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (where Chiara Ferragni got her inspiration for the wedding of the year, dubbed #TheFerragnez).

Marca Corona and Rock Mill Tile&Stone at the Christopher Kennedy Compound Show House

Marca Corona could hardly be missing from the most eagerly awaited, original event in the California Modernism Week, The Christopher Kennedy Compound, where the 14 best-known designers in the States are called upon to re-invent the rooms of a spectacular property from 1962, using materials with the most innovative design on the international scene.

The aim of the event is to raise funds to relaunch the architectural heritage of Palm Springs and to assign scholarships to the most promising architecture and design students. This effort to enhance the architectural treasures of Palm Springs is based on creativity, technology and sustainability, the same ideals that inspire Marca Corona and its 100% Italian ceramic creations.

And it’s no coincidence that the latest creations from the Sassuolo company have been chosen for the Pool House project by Rock Mill Tile&Stone: an amusing, eccentric idea with a retro flavour, perfectly in keeping with Mid-century Modern style. It’s the work of Michelle Boudreau, a creative interior designer with a passion for the vintage look and for clean-cut, no-frills architectural shapes.  The star feature of the project are the 3D coverings from the new BOLD series, and the Motif Extra marble-effect flooring.

With its three-dimensional textures, silky-soft glazes and nuances with a vintage flavour, BOLD offers a perfect interpretation of the tastes of the Fifties and Sixties, updating them with a creative touch of character and offering an in-your-face invitation to carefree, over-the-top, decorative creativity!

Motif Extra – inspired by the classic Calacatta and Travertino marble – echoes the luxury of the city best loved by the US stars of the past and present, from Leonardo Di Caprio to Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, creating an enchanting interplay of light and reflections.


The Christopher Kennedy Compound Show House: opening the door to Crossing and Colour Blocking!

The Pool House conceived for the Christopher Kennedy Compound features some striking colour block elements. In the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, the focus is on a material crossing effect featuring marble, wood and coloured covering solutions, perfect for bringing a fresh, lively slant to the Sixties-style American interiors.

The walls feature all the variants of Bold Marsala, including both the irreverent three-dimensional patterns Round and Line, for total pink interiors sure not to go unnoticed!



The choice for the bathroom, meanwhile, is a bolder, more confident pairing that alternates Bold Round Marsala on the wall with Bold Line Sage, creating a fun, eccentric colour contrast!

Chosen once again for the floor is Motif Extra Calacatta Gold 60x60 Reflex, embellished in this case with brilliant metal inserts to bring an opulent touch of sparkle to the bathroom.

The coloured covering materials and exclusive marbles by Marca Corona offer decidedly glam solutions, perfect for Palm Springs

Marca Corona looks forward to seeing you at Modernism Week 2019

“The ultimate celebration of mid-century architecture, design and culture”.

14 - 24 February - Palm Springs, California

The Christopher Kennedy Compound Show House

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