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If hipster is your vibe, you don’t have to live in Williamsburg, Kreuzberg, Shoreditch or Belleville!  With vintage accessories, designer sofas, Ossidi and Lagom flooring and tiling, you can create your ideal environment wherever you are!

Hipster-style interior design is decidedly relaxed and eclectic. Home interiors favour mix and match and are rich in contrasts: designer sofas with a retro feel next to pop elements, handmade natural items and the latest high-tech, vintage accessories and industrial elements, green plants and… of course, fresh flowers!

Hipster Interior Design

The art of contrast

Even the smallest detail – from the magazines to the biscuit tin – is an essential part of the home furnishing. It all expresses and demonstrates the hipster personality. They are lovers of art, music and design, passionate about organic and green living, dedicated frequenters of flea and food markets – the “in” cool and alternative places – to stockpile ultra-natural foods and Bohemian relics.

The designer living room is packed with books, vinyl, old turntables, redesigned works and unique handmade pieces. The walls are in tune with a mix of pictures, pop prints, cinema posters and vintage publicity. Casualness is only an appearance. The bicycle leans perfectly against a wall, the contrasts are studied, as are the placement of objects and colour combinations. In such a refined context, the choice of flooring and tiling takes on a fundamental role.

Hipster Interior Design

Flooring and tiling in urban creative stoneware

Hipster Interior Design

To appeal the hipster’s aesthetics, the best plan is to focus on versatile ceramics that leave space for flair and imagination. Urban creative ceramics reinterpret antique styles with a contemporary twist, like the Ossidi, the latest collection from the Corona brand with a dusty look and handmade feel. Ossidi is perfect!

Vintage looks, intentionally irregular but in reality, of high-tech content. Porcelain stoneware declined in a captivating palette, already an original in the 20x20 format and even more so in the diamond 18.7x32.4, irresistible in the glossy variant. Studied to create an even covering, with colour effects or more daring geometric patterning, Ossidi comes in 5 stylised decorations with a truly retro flavour.

Wood is another must for hipster styling, the natural material par excellence that meets the needs of green demands.

Eclectic Mood by Marca Corona

When the charm of oak meets stoneware performance, Lagom is the result, an eclectic, contemporary collection ideal for living room design or the hipster bedroom area. The oak grain is captured with exceptional precision on the wood effect stoneware and, even in the 7.5x45 chevron and 15x120 formats, it offers true similarity to natural boards. The style research by Marca Corona focuses on three colours: three warm, classic Natural shades (Light, Blond and Moka) and three Coated tints (White, Grey and Black), soft and modern in their designed look.

Two decorative Mixes, the geometric Linear and the floral Folk, enliven captivating compositions both on the wall and floor: coordinated graphics, tonal discord, designs with full and empty spaces and a prefect textural blend thanks to inserts in cement effect stoneware that complete the Lagom offer. The concrete slats come in 15x120 and 7.5x45 chevron, in warm and cold shades to suit your style.

Hipster Interior Design

Be Creative. Be Hipster. Be Happy!

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