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Garden furnishings and outdoor flooring: the 5 trends not to be missed!

The outdoor life requires practical, flexible solutions, with outdoor flooring that not only does the job, but looks great: because, to quote Dostoevsky, “Beauty will save the world”... or at least our garden! Architecture and design seek to satisfy these requirements through sustainable planning, able to bring Man closer to nature and relax mind and body to the full by teaming nature with technology.

garden furnishings

Top 5 Outdoor Trends

Rooms Without a Roof! The line between indoors and outdoors has been erased once and for all, as design makes its way beyond the walls of the home and into the open air, with the garden increasingly being seen – and experienced – as a seamless complement to the interiors.
The outdoors becomes an authentic “room without walls”, furnished with the same care and attention reserved for the inside of the home, thanks to designer furniture, sophisticated accessories, high-tech systems and lighting, prestigious materials and top-performance outdoor flooring.

Soft Minimalism is one of the coolest current trends, embodying the desire to reconcile with nature and our inner selves, focusing on a multi-sensorial approach to design.
Slim volumes and soft rounded shapes embrace extra-cosy garden sofas, in bright, natural colours. While the fabrics are an invitation to run your fingers across the soft textures, the subtle lighting transmits a marvellously comfortable, regenerating sensation.

Weaving is the trend for outdoor furniture, with a triumph of textile and material textures, from fabric to wicker, as well as cord and aluminium, crafted in a variety of styles, from vintage to ethnic, and in shades shifting from warm, natural hues to cooler or more vibrant nuances.
The woven look plays a key role on chairs, sofas, daybeds, tables and accessories, conceived as miniature design installations to embellish your outdoor areas.

Mood & Colour. The new colour schemes encourage creativity, offering an invitation to celebrate the summer with shifting shades of the same colour, or bolder colour-blocking solutions and original pairings. A new compact, functional approach to design brings retro nuances to small, minimal spaces. Mediterranean hues take centre stage, with marine nuances in holiday homes and seaside settings, while sunnier, more authentic colours make their way into country locations.

Designing Emotion and Sustainability. Cutting across styles and transcending time, design focused on emotion and sustainability offers a seamless blend of fine craftsmanship, technology, recycling and wellness. Ultra-technical, functional furnishings, built to last and crafted with the utmost respect for nature and for people. Industrial and natural elements combine in simple, no-frills shapes, bringing us closer to nature and enhancing physical and mental wellbeing. Floral details are teamed primarily with organic, recycled, non-treated and exquisitely tactile materials.

Marca Corona outdoor flooring

To respond to the technical demands of outdoor design without compromising on style, Marca Corona offers numerous collections, both with a 9mm-thick textured finish and with a line specifically designed for outdoors: the 20mm HiThick tiles.

garden furnishings

Both these types of outdoor flooring have been studied to take Italian style out into the open, into private and public spaces, from terraces to gardens, as well as pools and driveways, with an eye on the latest design trends every time.

Marca Corona surfaces, even in the 9mm thickness and all the more so in the 20mm thickness, guarantee maximum mechanical and chemical resistance and stay beautiful in any setting, however they’re used. They’re slip-resistant, fire-resistant, non-absorbent, hypoallergenic and fully recyclable, free from asbestos and surface chemical treatments, easy to lay and to clean. Each collection designed for outdoor use comes with numerous special trims – corners, L-shaped elements, edge trims for walls and steps – to guarantee a flawless finish and a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor furnishings: versatile and hard wearing

Vie della Pietra takes its inspiration from 4 different stones, each one selected for its expressive graphics and crafted in its own exclusive shade: Falesia, Oriente, Quarzite and Galassia. The authentic appeal of these surfaces is enhanced by the original sizes chosen – 22.5x22.5 and 22.5x45 non-rectified – and the modular laying options.

To satisfy a full range of outdoor design requirements, Marca Corona offers this porcelain stoneware series in both a 9mm-thick version and the 20mm HiThick version. The authentic look of the stones the tiles are inspired by, the striking graphic shading, the modular formats and versatile thicknesses make Vie della Pietra an incredibly functional solution, perfect for bringing a touch of modern elegance to small gardens, terraces, swimming pools and large common areas.

Garden furnishings: texture & shine

Original and sophisticated, Arkistone is a perfect blend of technical performance and style.

This stone-effect porcelain stoneware collection comes not only in sizes, surfaces and designer patterns studied for indoor settings, but also in an extra-thick 2 cm outdoor version, allowing designers to create a smooth transition from indoor areas through to outdoor floors, thus guaranteeing all-round impeccable style.

Industrial chic outdoor flooring

For furnishing more contemporary outdoor areas, the ideal collection is Phase: concrete-effect porcelain stoneware surfaces with a confident character. With outdoor areas in mind, the Phase collection offers both the 9mm Trama Out finish – in an innovative designer texture inspired by the grids of reinforced concrete – and the 20mm HiThick flooring, in two different sizes.

The sophisticated, modern colours and the exclusive rust details of the Trama Out finish make Phase a classy, innovative option for garden furnishing, as well as for poolside areas, spa areas and all sorts of residential and commercial outdoor areas.

garden furnishings

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