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The living room is the most social in the home and is dedicated to a number of activities, from studying to relaxing, an intimate family space or for get-togethers with friends.

Here are some inspirations for achieving a touch of modern appeal.


Industrial-Chic Living


In the coolest parts of the Big Apple in the 1950's, industrial chic was a symbol of achievement and is now considered haute couture in interior design. It is the style preferred by the Millennial generation and by the TV series addicted.

With large open spaces, unconcealed tubes and pipes, unfinished columns and works of re-design that combine different styles, eras and materials… all these things characterise the industrial mood and make it unique.

StoneCloud gives it that extra-chic feel: a porcelain stoneware inspired by lavic stone and comes in a variety of delightfully contemporary colour range (white, ivory, grey, dark and above all blue).

The surfaces are simple yet truly and irrepressibly beautiful, so much that it seems a waste to use them only for the flooring in the home. We imagine their use to cover entire walls or to create a spectacular backdrop, to cover fireplaces, kitchen islands and the bar counter in the living room.

Nordic-Style Living

More than a trend in interior design it is a lifestyle that focuses on tidiness and practicality. The Nordic style originated in Scandinavia and has gradually caught on also in the Mediterranean countries, with the creation of truly interesting fusion style. What makes it so attractive are the essential shapes, the brightness it creates in a room, and the sustainability factor, thanks to a wise choice of materials.

These same aesthetic principles form the soul of our Lagom collection of wall coverings and modern floorings that recreate the look and feel of the quintessential of all woods - oak - in porcelain stoneware to an amazing degree of accuracy. The most fascinating characteristic, however, is the innovative colour range of this item that combines three natural, classic, warm shades (light, blond and moka) with three nuances that are coated, more modern and softer in appearance (white, grey and black).

In addition to the nuances and the sophisticated chevron shapes, Lagom comes in two stunning Mixes of decorative finishes: Folk and Linear, which re-invent wood with geometric and floral patterns, allowing you to create totally unusual flooring in your home.


Luxury Living


When one talks of Luxury design, the first thing that springs to mind is Italian Style and prized materials such as marble and gold, which Marca Corona has recreated with Motif Extra: this collection in marble effect stoneware offers numerous vein markings, textures and delightful patterns and is inspired by Calacatta and Travertino marble.

It exalts the beauty of these noble types of stone through unusual three-dimensional patterns and hints of metal that make it pleasant to the touch and visually stunning. In addition to the exclusive indoor floor tiles, Motif Extra also includes bright wall coverings in white body, for stylish wall coverings throughout the living areas and in all rooms of the home, or for high-class commercial spaces.

The beauty of marble is also explored by the marble effect collection Motif, in the Marca Corona 1741 line. This small format (20x20, 7.5x30 and hexagonal) is stunning and beautiful to the touch thanks to the presence of innovative micro-textures, metal profiles and three-dimensional patterns. The light refracts on its surfaces creating glamorous flashes of light that will bedazzle you.

Vintage-Style Living

Vintage decorations, patterns and colours have taken over the latest trends in interior design as the new symbol of beauty for all planners and design lovers. The world of design has rediscovered the cementine tiles: small yet with a bold personality with retro appeal. Marca Corona offers a perfect example of vintage style in the Ossidi collection of flooring and wall coverings, with their full colours, rich patterns and original formats.

The colours range from neutral tones (bianco, grigio and nero) to bolder nuances (celeste and vinaccia). While the natural finish creates a more dusty look reminiscent of craft workshops, the glossy version (only in the diamond format) brings out all the retro appeal of these new cementine tiles in stoneware. Both in the 20x20 format and in the diamond shape measuring 18.7x32.4 cm, Ossidi allows a great amount of freedom and can be used to create artistic flooring in the living room, small decorative areas or entire walls that are strikingly glossy.

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