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Play with Paprica cement tiles and transform your rooms!

Cement tiles Paprica

Make way for colour and geometry with Marca Corona hexagonal cement tiles!
Geometric graphics and op art style (also called optical style) are back in vogue, a style that back in the 1960s influenced the great names of fashion, cinema and design. A symbol of the highly dynamic nature of those years, creative patterns and optical illusions are once again showing up on catwalks, in magazines and in the homes of baby boomers, particularly in France, Spain and Germany.

In the 1980s, op art influences appeared again on the scene with the Memphis style, the radical design movement that called into question the minimalist aesthetics of the previous decade and galvanised the most conformist Milanese salons with its provocative and kitsch re-interpretation of art deco and Pop Art.

Finishes, furnishings and objects were thus designed with excessive lines, unscrupulous patterns, strong colours and unusual combinations with poor materials, like plastic or glass. An eccentric and disruptive style, able to disrupt traditional stylistic canons and fuel the creativity of the most avant-garde designers.

The past has come back and is knocking at our doors with a vintage style, and today the op art look of hexagonal cement tiles today is more popular than ever!

We find it re-invented in a contemporary key and in durable, safe materials like porcelain stoneware, which makes it possible to produce faithful reproductions of the original handmade cement tiles which are more delicate and expensive. 

Decorated cement tiles are a perfect trendy solution to make every room in your home – or even your office or shop – unique and original!

The decidedly eye-catching op art tiles create ingenious optical illusions and endless graphic and colour combinations. 

The optical style features mixed and matched colours, effects and materials: the cement tiles can be used to enhance the smallest and most hidden spaces or to transform otherwise anonymous details like the headboard of the bed, a mirror or the kitchen backsplash into design elements.

For example, why not create original, decorated patches on living room and bedroom floors?

Paprica cement tiles

Or if you want, you can try a trompe l'oeil effect using cement tiles to optically divide the different functional areas of an open space or studio.
Variety and decorative versatility make hexagonal tiles perfect for any commercial and residential environment, from the kitchen to the living room, to the bathroom, not to mention the entrance, an environment that too often is unjustly neglected, which instead can become one of the most beautiful corners of the house.

Paprica Cement Tiles by Marca Corona

Marca Corona couldn't resist the eccentric charm of the optical style and wanted to reinterpret it in a new member of the 1741 collection: Paprica. This series of small-format hexagonal wall and floor tiles gives a totally new look to porcelain stoneware with graphic patterns that harken back to the style of the 1980s featuring patterns and colours that are current once again.

Paprica features four different geometric decorations, available in coloured or black & white versions, to be used together or with single-coloured backgrounds to create fun graphic designs and surprising optical effects. With the Paprica cement tiles, private and commercial interiors are transformed into whimsical, trendy spaces, perfect for amazing and winning over even the most demanding guests!

And for those who prefer something more understated? Paprica floors and walls are also the right choice for those who prefer a modern yet more discreet style thanks to the possibility of combining them with wood- or marble-effect tiles. A simple, refined combination, but still original.

Paprica Cement Tiles by Marca Corona
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