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Miniature FregioThe charm of mediterranean majolica on small-size bricks

The Fregio collection brings the distinct and sophisticated uniqueness of Mediterranean-style encaustic tiles to the world of Miniature, the true inspiration for this new collection in brick size. The refinement and timeless craftsmanship charm of antique hand-painted majolica, with their original decorated surfaces and bright, lively colour accents, become the leitmotif for ceramic solutions with amazing graphic richness and superior technical performance.

The wear and tear of time is skilfully reproduced on the surface of decorative tiles in 6x24 cm size. With Miniature Fregio, Mediterranean-style majolica takes on a timeless appeal, ideal in combination with contemporary or more classic solutions, from concrete and natural stone to wood-effect boards.

In the faux chipping, the shiny surface that covers the design of the majolica is interrupted to reveal the colour of red clay. The shiny surface layer seems to have been eroded by time to the point where the design of the decorative frieze disappears in some parts and the chalk white colour, the background tone that unites all three different colour variants (black, blue and green), re-emerges.

Miniature Fregio is the collection of tiles created to embellish and surprise: depending on the installation pattern and the course of the tile, ever new decorative textures can be created and each furnishing project can be customised to the maximum, for a unique and inimitable final effect.

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