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Floor tiles for outdoor use: which ones are right for you?


Gardens and green spaces are back on the radar of designers and architects. Life in the open air is vital to cope with everyday stress, to rebalance energy levels and maintain a healthy mind and body. So the importance of outdoor design should not be underestimated and the set of rules and trends to design welcoming, safe and attractive outdoor spaces should be heeded.

Tiles for outdoor use that are both functional and aesthetically impeccable: this is what new contemporary design demands, with equal focus on the interiors and the exteriors of residential and commercial settings. The task of outdoor floor tiles  is to bring the human world closer to nature, to expand the setting and make it charming and scenic, to design paths and places to get together, to make gardens, terraces and courtyards practical and safe. And as for pool areas, the floor tiles need to provide outstanding non-slip performance, to avoid unfortunate accidents.

An outdoor design solution must be able to enhance the value of the space, while also proving safe. Assessing every characteristic of the tiles does not only mean paying attention to the design, colour and the most appropriate effect for the setting. You also need to carefully consider the technical and functional aspects.

Tiles for outdoor use must accommodate specific requirements, set by the application context. Unlike surfaces for indoor use,  outdoor floor tiles must be able to withstand the aggression of atmospheric agents, sudden changes in temperature, the impact of significant loads and also wear with time.

Floor tiles for outdoor use are subjected to challenging mechanical, chemical and hygrothermal stresses, due to daily and inevitable exposure to significant temperatures and humidity levels.

Using ceramic ensures the outdoor floor tiles have a high degree of efficiency, resistance and impermeability: but how can porcelain tiles be of help in outdoor designs? Several solutions have been put together to support Outdoor projects, including the R11 textured finishes and the extra-thick surfaces.

Marca Corona offers several outdoor design solutions, including its HiThick extra-thick floor tiles, collections that are dedicated solely to the outdoors as well as various series of porcelain tiles suitable for both indoor and outdoor contexts thanks to the R11 textured finish. All these collections of porcelain tiles offer a huge variety of colours, textures, sizes and effects suited to all design requirements, guaranteeing the utmost visual continuity between the interior and the exterior and supporting creativity in designing private courtyards, terraces, green spaces, city gardens and sophisticated verandas.

Textured surfaces guarantee improved non-slip performance levels compared to natural or polished finishes thanks to the special mechanical machining on the surface. In addition to more textured aesthetic styling that is richer to the touch, textured floor tiles have R11 slip resistance, which makes them the safest and top-performing choice for designing spaces where water is ever present, such as bathrooms, swimming pools or outdoor settings.

Extra-thick porcelain tile solutions on the other hand are thicker than traditional tiles for indoor use to guarantee maximum resistance to loads, mechanical stresses and sudden temperature changes. Marca Corona has developed an entire line of extra-thick surfaces, the HiThick range: these collections of 20mm thick porcelain tiles come in various aesthetic effects and sizes, to grant maximum visual continuity between indoors and outdoors.

Considering these general technical factors, what type of ceramic tile should you pick for specific outdoor projects, for instance a garden, a pool, a terrace or a marine setting? Here are some suggested outdoor settings to help you choose the most suitable ceramic tiles for your outdoor project.

How to choose the perfect stoneware for your garden? Wood effect or stone effect: two styles compared

Outdoor flooring for the garden
Outdoor flooring for the garden

Porcelain tiles are perfect for designing quality design solutions, to enhance the value of the garden with a stylish yet authentic, natural look.
Attractive, hard-wearing, eco-sustainable: ceramic tiles offer superior technical performance levels, are resistant to knocks, bad weather, chemical aggression and stains, and are capable of withstanding even heavy loads.

These important technical characteristics are accompanied by an astounding aesthetic versatility.
Porcelain tiles faithfully replicate several aesthetic effects, bringing to mind the tactile and visual experience of parquet flooring or the textured authenticity of stone floors.

Which design should you choose for your garden décor?

Wood effect tiles for a minimal style garden, with a Nordic feel

Wood effect ceramic tiles are a great classic, an evergreen choice that is back in fashion, even for the garden, thanks to the success of Scandinavian style.

Architects and exterior designers choose the elemental elegance of Nordic style to enhance the appeal of settings with a simple yet welcoming design.

To obtain maximum technical performance, practicality and safety, exterior designers almost always rely on porcelain tile solutions, made with a high-tech material capable of perfectly replicating the grain patterns and knots found in natural wood.

Wood effect outdoor flooring
Wood effect outdoor flooring

Marca Corona offers the Lagom wood effect floor tiles, devised to put together gardens with a Nordic inspiration, that are elemental, authentic and modern. This collection of ceramic tiles replicates with the utmost realism the grain patterns of oak wood and the 15x120 cm size immediately brings to mind natural strips.

The Fiemme ceramic collection on the other hand focuses on vintage aesthetics, reinterpreting more authentic and textured recycled wood. These 20 mm thick porcelain floor and wall tiles are embellished by enveloping colours and by the rectified 30x120 cm size.

Both collections have the R11 textured finish for maximum safety and resistance outdoors: the authentic style of the wood effect can thus also appeal in gardens and outdoor spaces, worry-free.

Stone effect outdoor floor tiles: modern expressiveness and dynamic elegance

Stone effect ceramic floor tiles enhance the appeal of the garden thanks to elegant yet dynamic aesthetics.
The camouflaging ability of porcelain tiles and the variety of sizes make it simple to design charming and sophisticated green spaces, making best use of the tactile wealth and the natural appeal of the surfaces.

The outdoor porcelain floor tiles in the Vie della Pietra collection have been created to design gardens, terraces and porticoes with a modern personality, irrespective of their dimensions.

The natural beauty of the stone effect comes in two small non-rectified sizes and 7 alternative surfaces, each one resulting from a different graphic and textured inspiration.

Stone effect outdoor flooring
Stone effect outdoor flooring

The Historica surfaces, 20mm thick porcelain wall tiles, reinterpret various stones from classic architecture, lending timeless charm to residential and commercial outdoor and garden projects.
Thanks to the R11 textured finish
and the large rectified sizes, these stone effect stoneware floor tiles guarantee maximum non-slip resistance and practicality.

Creating styling continuity between gardens and interiors


A large number of Marca Corona ceramic tile collections are devised to offer maximum stylistic continuity between the garden and the interiors: the same graphics prove available in both finishes suitable for indoor use, as well as in the textured or extra-thick version, required to tackle the challenges of outdoor design.
Indoor and outdoor settings thus prove perfectly coordinated and totally safe.

From a stylistic perspective, stone effect tiles are the perfect choice to create a bridge between indoor settings and outdoor spaces.

The stoneware floor and wall tiles in the Arkistone collection portray the expressive force of stone with a contemporary twist, thanks to large sizes and trendy colours.
Outdoor spaces and gardens are thus transformed into welcoming and sophisticated designer settings, in keeping with the style of the interiors.

The Tide Road stone effect collection instead draws its inspiration from a prized Brazilian stone to create matching spaces with a strong styling impact. These stoneware tiles feature two highly expressive graphics, namely CrossCut and Vein Cut, resulting from the cross or longitudinal cutting of the stone, capable of distinguishing large-sized public spaces or of being combined to create unprecedented decorative solutions for residential designs.
The R11 textured finish offers greater resistance to frequent trampling, to physical stresses and maximum non-slip performance levels, even in the presence of water, thereby guaranteeing the safety of public and commercial settings, both indoors and out.

The stone effect floor tiles in the Encode collection are perfect for residential and commercial projects aimed at ensuring the interiors liaise with the exteriors with a refined and bold style. On these porcelain tile surfaces, safety and hard-wearing resistance join forces in an authentic aesthetic styling with trendy hues.

Swimming pools and modern residential settings: pick stoneware wall tiles

Stoneware wall tiles are the best bet when designing modern and scenic outdoor settings, thanks to the versatility, hard-wearing resistance and quality of porcelain tiles, made with a material that is suitable for multiple contemporary outdoor projects, from swimming pools to large residential outdoor spaces.

One of the most important characteristics of porcelain floor tiles is the near-zero level of water absorption, significant resistance to atmospheric agents such as frost, humidity and sudden temperature changes, superior resistance to abrasion, to impact and to mechanical and chemical stresses, such as detergents, acids, mould and mildew, and stains.

Compactness, easy maintenance, simple installation help make porcelain tiles not just a safe choice, but also an extremely practical one. The pliability of ceramic also makes the tiles extremely versatile from an aesthetic styling perspective, supporting any stylistic and design requirement.

Stone and concrete effect stoneware tiles are the perfect candidates for modern outdoor settings, exteriors packed with punch, turning green spaces, terraces and poolside areas into a natural extension of the home, in total harmony with the environment.

Which ceramic collection should you pick for your poolside?

Building a pool in your garden allows you to make full use of your outdoor space, especially in the summer. But this area could prove complex to maintain and difficult to enjoy if you choose inappropriate materials.

Porcelain tiles are immune to chlorine and do not absorb water; they resist the sun’s impact and atmospheric agents; they retain their original colours and do not deteriorate with time, unlike other materials such as stone.

The R11 textured finish also makes it possible to create safe non-slip surfaces that are a pleasure to walk on barefoot and also hygienic, since they are resistant to mould, mildew and bacteria.
From the base of the swimming pool to the poolside shower area, ceramic is the perfect choice for designing attractive, practical and safe poolside settings.

Outdoor flooring for the swimming pool
Outdoor flooring for the swimming pool

The Marca Corona outdoor range also includes a large number of special pieces dedicated specifically to the swimming pool area, designed to guarantee maximum functionality, safety and consistent aesthetic styling between the various areas of your garden, as well as between residential interiors and exteriors.

The pursuit of continuity of wall tiles between indoor and outdoor settings matches the new “in & out experience” trend, which aims at achieving an integrated and well-balanced design at all times. Thanks to its extensive range of matching ceramic solutions, Marca Corona allows you to design safe and harmonious spaces, making best use of multiple effects, sizes and finishes.

Which ceramic surfaces should you choose for modern outdoor settings?

The concrete stone effect tiles in the StoneOne collection are the perfect choice for  indoor and outdoor designs with a bold style, for private homes and commercial settings with an urban personality.

The Phase floor tiles for outdoor use instead feature a more sophisticated concrete effect, in the form of uniform stoneware surfaces, with eye-catching textured details. This offering of indoor and outdoor tiles plays on an elegant and modern colour palette, suitable for sophisticated designs, which you will never tire of.

Balcony and terrace floor tiles: the importance of safe floor tiles

Balcony and terrace floor tiles
Balcony and terrace floor tiles


In residential projects, the importance of balconies and terraces is often underestimated: these outdoor spaces however constitute a fundamental component of the home, especially if located in a city centre.

Outdoor spaces and terraces are vital to relax in the open air, soak in the sun and recharge your battery. This type of setting needs reliable, practical and safe floor tiles.

The terrace floor tiles are exposed to the same bad weather and stresses as a garden or pool, which is why they need to be able to withstand sudden temperature changes and extreme temperatures, prove impermeable and non-slip, withstand various atmospheric agents and prevent the formation of stains, mould and mildew.

In addition to reliability, design should not for that matter be underestimated either. Balcony and terrace files should ensure decorative continuity with the interiors of the home, turning the outdoor space into a natural extension of the living room.

Ceramic tiles definitely constitute the most popular choice for terraces and outdoor balconies thanks to their hard-wearing resistance, easy maintenance and extensive variety of colours, designs and effects.

The Historica collection focuses on the evergreen charm of Travertines, Istrian and Pierre de Comblanchien stones, to embellish patios, loggias, terraces and gardens.  The variety of finishes, sizes and colour variants make these outdoor tiles perfect for designing public and residential open air spaces of any shape and size.

Forme Cementine tiles draw their inspiration from “Venetian Terrazzo”, launching floor tiles with a retro feel. These small-size marble chip effect tiles revisit a timeless classic, lending terraces and balconies a sophisticated vintage style, perfectly in keeping with the interiors.

For your terraces, you could also opt for the surfaces in the Fiemme range, capable of teaming the elegance of the wood effect with the superior technical properties of ceramic Made in Italy.

Balconies play a leading role these days: the terrace constitutes our first link to nature and to the community. Do not neglect it.

Outdoor floor tiles for your seaside home: a question of style and strength

Choosing the right outdoor tiles to refurbish a holiday home at the beach is indispensable to enjoy that space with maximum peace of mind.

The floor tiles for outdoor use in a seaside home need to combine an eye-catching design with maximum practicality and safety: stoneware tiles for outdoor floor tiles need to withstand humidity and sudden temperature changes, they must be immune to intense and recurrent stresses, such as the abrasive effect of sand, the wind and other elements, they need to withstand detergents and chemicals, even aggressive ones.

The marine environment  is definitely one of the most challenging, and the upkeep of a seaside home can prove really challenging and expensive if you choose delicate or far from functional materials: Ceramic is a safe bet, a reliable and hygienic material, that’s easy to clean, in short the best solution to enjoy your holiday to the full.

Flooring for the beach house
Flooring for the beach house

The versatility of porcelain tiles allows you to recreate any design and personality in your seaside home, even the same as those of your city home if you want. What style should you choose for your seaside home floor tiles?

Fiemme combines the practicality of porcelain tiles with the authentic charm of the distressed wood effect, striking an elegant balance between architecture and nature. The R11 textured finish guarantees hard-wearing resistance and non-slip safety for your outdoor floor tiles, indispensable characteristics for perfectly user-friendly shower areas and poolside areas.

The surfaces in the Springstone collection focus on the stone effect to decorate seaside settings with a Mediterranean style with simplicity. The indoor version is matched with the textured finish, which is suitable for outdoor use and wet areas, thus allowing you to create the utmost harmony between indoor and outdoor settings.

Ceramic, the ideal solution to refurbish your outdoor setting in your own style

Gardens, swimming pools, terraces, outdoor floor tiles and footpaths: ceramic surfaces accommodate all outdoor design requirements, giving designers and architects the chance to choose the most suitable style for the customer’s particular tastes and the expected intended use.

Easy installation, simple maintenance, impermeability, resistance to extreme temperatures, non-slip properties make ceramic the perfect material for all types of outdoor setting, allowing designers to study a consistent design that ties in the indoors with the outdoors.

Let’s not also forget that ceramic is a responsible and environmentally-friendly choice, one that respects nature, an ally of life in the open air: Marca Corona stoneware tiles are made in an eco-sustainable way with natural materials and state-of-the-art technologies, capable of minimising the environmental footprint of the company’s activities.

Marca Corona ceramic tiles provide reliable, high-impact solutions for welcoming and safe outdoor settings with a show-stopping scenic effect. No compromise, no restrictions on the imagination: find out more about Marca Corona tiles for outdoor use.

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