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The veins, colours, tactile sensations and visual impact of marble, the noble stone par excellence. In line with the 1741 philosophy, Motif encompasses all the craftsmanship of the best marble workshops to offer its own contemporary interpretation: with the complicity of new technology, the beauty of this timeless material is enhanced by means of textures. The collection is composed of Calacatta and Travertino marbles, with warm and cool tones, available in small sizes (20x20, 7.5x30 and hexagon).

The combination of the aesthetic appeal of marble with innovative micro-textures and 3D patterns ensures a strong decorative impact. The surface's luminosity is made more striking by means of metal profiles and small shimmery touches of glamour across surfaces that are precious by nature.

The classical elegance of marble is enriched by surprising layers and details: these wall and floor tiles can transform residential and commercial interiors into unique and sophisticated spaces.

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