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San Marzano Oliveto Church

Project type
Public spaces
Year of realization
Architecture firm
Arch. Giovanni Ivaldi
Articles used

Terra Avorio 25x21,6
Terra Ocra 25x21,6
Terra Rosso 25x21,6
Terra Cardinale 25x21,6
Terra Avorio 20x20

San Marzano Oliveto Church: interior design

The warm, chalky shades of the Terra hexagon terracotta tiles discreetly embellish the inside of San Marzano Oliveto church near Asti, in Italy. Along the naves and the altar, an elegant, all-over decorative effect is created by combining a variety of nuances, in the delicate hexagonal shape and the classic 20x20 size. This pleasant colour effect is enhanced with the sophisticated touch brought by the Cardinale decoration.

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