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Nashi Argan Shop Vicenza

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MFO. PERLA 120 RET 120X120 RT


Nashi Argan is a brand of cosmetics and professional hair care products 100% made in Italy, widely diffused throughout the country thanks to the presence of numerous retailers and single-brand shops: among them, the recently built, new shop in Vicenza, opened in 2023 and measuring 80 sq.m.
The architect's objective of creating a refined space while at the same time giving maximum visibility to the products on sale appears to have been very successful: once through the door of the shop, the feeling of well-being and relaxation is almost immediate, thanks to the natural wood furnishings, a diffused lighting design system and the choice of neutral-coloured floor and wall coverings perfect for enhancing the relaxing atmosphere inside the shop, as well as the delicious Argan scent contained within each cosmetic. 
The Multiforme collection by Marca Corona installed on the floor in the entire setting reinterprets the Nashi Argan concept and values to perfection: the exclusive total look of these cement-effect tiles selected in the shade Perla gives maximum expressiveness to the entire room, acting as an ideal frame for a range of exclusive products with attention to the smallest detail. 
Aesthetics and elegance, but that's not all: the large Multiforme slabs are in fact the ideal choice for commercial establishments and public spaces, thanks to the incredible strength and durability of porcelain stoneware, a material that does not deteriorate as a result of stress, wear, foot traffic or contact with chemical agents.

Photo Credits: Michele Paladin

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