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La Roma Antica, Giovane e nobile

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Deluxe Dark
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Elisir Royal Castano 20x120
Elisir royal Chevron
Victoria Torquoise Art
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Victoria Gypsum

Roman residences

Today's Rome is not just an open-air museum, but a combination of millennial history and modernity. In THDP's "La Roma Antica, Giovane e Nobile - Ancient, young and noble Rome" residential project, three iconic locations - Colosseum, piazza Navona and Trastevere - come to life with unique designs and refined solutions in three complexes of flats to be discovered.

The choice of porcelain stoneware and white-body Marca Corona collections gives each room a distinctive personality, while the high technical performance of these materials proves essential in tourist residences, ensuring a perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality.

Trastevere - La Roma Giovane (Young Rome): Trastevere, famous for its night life, inspires bright colours and eclectic materials: the flats in this project embody the freshness and vitality of a young and dynamic neighbourhood. Specifically, the interiors are enhanced by Victoria white-body wall tiles by Marca Corona.

The bathroom, in particular, sports the 3D Art decoration, lending a touch of originality and dynamism, while the Wall version in the Gypsum colour adds distinctive elegance to the other places, fully capturing the vibrant spirit of Trastevere.

Colosseum - La Roma Antica (Ancient Rome): the flats La Roma Antica, near the Colosseum, rest on ancient Roman ruins, consolidating the strong link between past and present that characterises the entire city. All spaces have a neutral, classic style endowed with timeless elegance: the colour palette uses fresh, bright tones combined with pastel shades to give the rooms a cosy, pleasant atmosphere.

The floors are embellished with striking mosaics and elegant wood tones from the wood-effect Elisir Royal collection and add a luxurious and exclusive touch to the whole, without neglecting functionality and practicality.

Piazza Navona - La Roma Nobile (Noble Rome): the noble area of Piazza Navona evokes intense colours and fine materials. The flats on offer here stand out for their luxury and refinement, evoking all the nobility of Rome of bygone times: warm tones, arched walls, designer furnishings, sophisticated pieces of art and fine finishes make up surprising and exclusive places.

In the bathroom - the key element of these residences - the designers chose to raise the level of elegance and style even further by illuminating the room with the Deluxe marble-effect stoneware collection selected in the refined White colour: a solution with unrivalled aesthetics and stunning technical performance, capable of resisting the passage of time and wear while preserving its beauty.

Photo: Paolo Fusco

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