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La Ménagère

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Restaurants and Bars
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Studio q-BIC
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Ceramics Marca Corona: bistro La Ménagère

For the partial renovation of La Ménagère in Florence, the choice fell to the cement contemporary ceramic tiles Terra , perfect for enhancing this historical setting, where tradition engages smoothly with modernity. The furnishings and atmospheres are a tribute to the original household goods store, the oldest in Florence, and are designed to evoke a cosy, welcoming, homely sensation.

This multi-functional facility – bistro, bar, florist’s and homeware store – required the use of resistant, hygienic, safe materials. The wood and cement resin chosen for the initial phase of the renovation work proved unable to withstand the constant foot traffic, and after just a few months, the kitchen and bathroom floors had already deteriorated, so it was necessary to intervene again, and to lay new surfaces in porcelain stoneware, with superior technical and aesthetic properties.

The Baldini architects of the Q-Bic firm entrusted Marca Corona with recreating the classic style the place was inspired by, and chose the small chalky-look tiles from the Terra series. In the kitchen, incredibly compact yet looking onto the restaurant, the hexagonal tiles were used, along with the Cubo decoration, evocative of the shapes and patterns typical of nineteenth-century noble buildings in Florence.

The bathroom area, meanwhile, is tiled with small square tiles featuring the sophisticated Astro pattern. Combined with the industrial windows, metal details, elegant lights and floral decorations by Artemisia, the Terra cement tiles bring an incredibly genuine touch to this place, traditionally a favourite with the people of Florence.

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