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Il piatto sbeccato

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Il Piatto Sbeccato: interior design project

Il Piatto Sbeccato is a contemporary hostelry in Italy, a new project that seeks to transmit joy as well as serving fine food;, a challenging project in the midst of a pandemic.

The aim of the MichieliZanattaNet architecture firm was to offer something new: a restaurant with a confident, unpredictable character, ready to take guests by surprise and entertain diners.

Hence the focus on fluid surfaces, striking geometries and the optical colours of Dumbo’s Circus – because architecture, like cooking, is a virtuoso performance by skilled artists.

Design is like cooking: it requires the right ingredients and the ability to mix just the right amounts of them. So here we have the authentic flavour of recovered wood, splendidly glistening dashes of gold, Scandinavian furnishing with a minimalist allure and ceramic coverings with a taste of the Mediterranean.

With their brilliant glazed colours and original geometric patterns, Marca Corona majolica tiles are perfect for bringing a touch of vibrant character to this restaurant with an eccentric yet incredibly inviting style.

Photo credit: Massimo Crivellari

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