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Casa Spazio+

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Valeria Di Cola
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Optimized home space

The Spazio+ project by architect Valeria Cola already shows its main purpose in its name: to make the most of the available spaces and to obtain as much space as possible, making them functional, bright and - of course - full of style!

The main need of the owners of this flat in the heart of Rome was to obtain a third bedroom to give more privacy to all the inhabitants of the house and at the same time give it a new, more modern and refined look, rethinking all the spaces and reinterpreting them in a unusual way.

It was a complete transformation, which involved knocking down walls, reorganising and optimising spaces, completely redesigning the kitchen, using a calm, balanced colour palette, replacing part of the furniture and, last but not least, choosing materials that were practical and aesthetically in line with the new soul of the home.

These include the Forme porcelain tile collection and the 4D collection of white-body wall tiles, chosen as floor and wall tiles respectively for the bright kitchen.

The two series designed by Marca Corona dialogue with each other in perfect harmony, producing an almost impeccable result: the octagonal Forme decorations are enhanced by the optical white of the 4D wall coverings, creating an essential yet carefully designed environment in which modern elements and retro-style furnishings are skilfully alternated.

Photo credits: Giuliano Del Gatto

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