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Casa Mijares

Project type
Year of realization
Stati Uniti
Architecture firm
One Design Build
Architecture firm website
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Terra Mix vers.F 20x20

Casa Mijares Miami: architecture and design

The historic home of Eleanor Roosevelt in Miami has been given a new look thanks to the renovation and extension work carried out by One Design Build and the creative contribution of Hugo Mijares, a brilliant architect and the new owner of the home. Like a work of art on canvas, the residence alternates neutral backgrounds with dashes of bright colour, art objects and extravagant furnishings. The result is a modern, eclectic, vibrant environment, the perfect setting for the Terra cement tiles by Marca Corona.

The kitchen area, the heart of the home, is brought to life thanks to the Mix Decoro Terra floor, an original combination of geometric patterns that runs the gamut of grey shades, transmitting supreme elegance and sophisticated style. The same decorated stoneware flooring is also featured in the bathroom, where its role is to complement the eccentric optical blue walls. A home of major historical importance, in the heart of the USA, deserving of unique design and the very best of outstanding Italian ceramics.

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