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From the Fifties onwards, the open kitchen has always had its own distinctive charm. This architecture trend, first seen in New York, is perfectly in keeping with contemporary lifestyle and urban redevelopment projects, with the aim not of keeping pace with the frantic pace of life today, but of broadening our horizons and carving out a bright, airy, relaxing space between the kitchen and the living room.

The open space concept immediately suggests industrial materials such as iron, concrete and brick-effect covering materials: a rock-solid trio with an irresistibly stylish appeal. Close your eyes and imagine: large ceiling lamps with a no-frills design, wood and metal furnishings, open-brickwork walls inspired by plasterless walls, and concrete floors with a softened edge.

The Open Kitchen is the ideal solution to make the most of the space available and create a smooth transition from kitchen to living room. The must-have elements: a free-standing island, central hob, small vertical herb garden, smart, designer appliances for remote control and energy saving.


If it’s a novel, contemporary total look you aspire to, the ideal collection is Type: elegant metal-look porcelain stoneware surfaces, softened by subtle oxidation and wear-and-tear effects that offer a concentration of minimal style at its finest.


Type cucina


For a more authentic, urban look, go for the natural slate coverings of Matrix, a vibrant collection that offers strikingly elegant, material, stone-effect porcelain stoneware surfaces for a delightfully natural overall allure.


matrix openkitchen


If you’re looking for some colourful, glam design, the collection for you is Chalk: concrete-effect porcelain stoneware surfaces that offer plenty of freedom to shape your own style, thanks to the variety of shapes and sizes – including diamond and brick shapes – and the original decor elements in dusty grey and chalky nuances that include powder pink, sage green, airforce blue and yellow, ideal for creating classy, colourful geometric patterns.


chalk openkitchen


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