Recommended adhesives

Recommended adhesives

The use of an appropriate adhesive is essential for a correct installation. For the installation of ceramic tiles You should follow the laying instructions provided by leading adhesives manufacturers. You should choose the most suitable adhesive on the basis of the following factors:
Type of bed I Type and size of tile I Use of tiled surface (floor/wall; indoor/outdoor) I Weather conditions at the time of laying I waiting time before the ceramic surface can be used.

To discover the most appropriate adhesives for your project, please read the PDF document below




Spreading the adhesives and laying the tiles: tips

Spread the adhesive on the bed using a suitably toothed spatula.
Press down well on the tiles to ensure wetting of at least 70% of the total surface.
When laying tiles in commercial interiors or outdoors, it is vital to apply the adhesive using the double spreading technique to avoid empty spaces in the ceramic tile-bed interface.