How many and which are the Marca Corona types of surfaces and tiles?

There are four main types of finishes of ceramic tile surfaces:

  • natural: the most widely used finish. The tile does not undergo any application after firing. It can be: smooth/matt, suitable for any space in particular for bathroom and kitchen cladding; textured, suitable for outdoor use as it is anti-slip.
  • semi-polished, semi-glossy or honed: a special finishing exalting the aesthetic appeal of the tile, making it smooth and increasing its shine.
  • polished or glossy: obtained via the passage of an abrasive toll that initially rubs the surface then makes it completely glossy (mirror-like effect).
  • scratch or bush-hammered: rough surface obtained using tools such as chisel, cap etc. Suitable for outdoor areas such as terraces, porches and courtyards.