Made in Italy

Expression of style, quality, ethics.

We are Marca Corona believe that a company is a fundamental part of a modern-day society and that it must operate with transparency and correctness towards every stakeholder, being it a customer, a supplier or a member of the staff.
That is why we firmly decided to adhere to the "Ethical Code" of Confindustria Ceramica, which encourages companies to indicate in a clear and precise way the country of origin of their products. At Marca Corona, we believe that the "Made in Italy" logo expresses strong values and not merely a marketing slogan. Values such as style, design, quality as well as respect for the environment and society.

Whoever buys ceramics carrying this logo, can be sure that the ceramic tiles have been manufactured with environmentalfriendly technologies, using top-quality, safe raw materials and guaranteeing the best working conditions for staff.

Hence why, we at Marca Corona can proudly write "Made in Italy" on our ceramic tiles, as they are manufactured in Italy and made as a byword for Ethics and Product Quality.