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Pancake House

Project type
Restaurants and Bars
Year of realization
Architecture firm
OMY Customade Space
Architecture firm website
Articles used

Terra Nero 20x20
Terra Antracite 20x20
Terra Cubo F 20x20
Terra Triangolo F 20x20

Yarca Pancake House: coating and interior design

An Eighties-style restaurant with a playful, eccentric design, the place to be in the little town of Yarca, featuring vibrantly colourful furnishings, retro-style armchairs and the original decorations of Terra terracotta tiles collection. The various shades of grey, in the delicate 20x20 size, create eye-catching geometric patterns that enhance the interiors. The Cubo decoration marks of the small private area, while the Triangolo pattern runs right along the edges, shaping a lively, youthful atmosphere for pancake lovers.

Photo Credit: Yoav Gurin

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