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DoubleTree by Hilton - Rome

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Hotels and Spas
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Terra Esagone
Forme 20x20

doubletree hilton rome

Staying at the DoubleTree by Hilton, in the heart of Rione Monti, is not just an experience, but a true immersion in the genuine essence of Rome. The hotel is conceived to offer a contemporary living experience, with an all-Italian design that celebrates the historical marvels of the city while embracing a future vision of sustainability and greenery. From the moment they arrive at the reception, guests are welcomed into a warm and welcoming setting, characterised by an elegant and bright design. Green elements such as plants and natural details are cleverly integrated into the furnishing, creating a cosy atmosphere that invites relaxation. In the hotel restaurant, designers chose to play with patterns from the Forme collection to create original carpet effects and decorative patterns to match the informal yet fashionable style of the restaurant. In private rooms, the presence of green elements not only adds a touch of freshness, but also contributes to a peaceful and regenerating environment. The skilful use of natural light and cosy furnishings completes the experience, transforming each room into a haven of comfort and style. Particular attention was paid to the bathrooms, where the choice of Terra hexagon encaustic tiles by Marca Corona perfectly matches the hotel vintage atmosphere. The shower corner, beautified by these tiles, becomes a centre point of elegance and originality. In addition to aesthetics, Terra hexagonal encaustic porcelain stoneware tiles guarantee high technical performance thanks to their anti-mould and anti-slip properties. These features make these tiles the ideal choice for all environments subject to temperature fluctuations, frequent foot traffic and wear and tear. In summary, the DoubleTree by Hilton in the Rione Monti offers an experience that goes beyond a simple overnight stay, making the experience unforgettable for every guest.

Photo: Janos Grapov

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