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Renovating the bathroom with the wood effect

Wood-effect porcelain stoneware is the perfect choice for trendy bathrooms without compromising on practicality and safety. What are the elements that make this material a real must-have for bathrooms? The popularity of wood-effect tiles is due to the perfect combination of styling and functionality, the result of continuous research and technological evolution. The ceramic material can now faithfully reproduce natural wood flooring, enriching it with new technical properties such as resistance, water-proofing and ease of cleaning...

Porcelain stoneware tiles can imitate any wood essence and all the veining, colour tones and material details, for surfaces that are practically impossible to distinguish from the natural materials they are inspired by. But today's research goes much further: wood-effect porcelain stoneware not only replicates exactly every type of wood, but can even emulate the ageing effect and mechanical processing typical of natural wood flooring, to give a vintage and styled effect to installation settings.

Wooden wall tiles are an evergreen for various rooms in the home: they have always been used in cosy living rooms and shabby bedrooms, but nowadays they are increasingly being used in kitchens and bathrooms thanks to the extreme reliability of porcelain stoneware. For bathroom renovations, wood is definitely the new trend!

Wood-effect ceramic tiles lend themselves to the design of both classic and contemporary bathrooms, as they offer designers a variety of styles, finishes and countless sizes, from traditional floorboards to refined chevrons and mini strip tiles.

However, why would you prefer porcelain stoneware to a natural wood flooring? Let's have a look at all the elements to be taken into account when wood inspiration is expressed in the bathroom.

Bathroom floor: wood-effect porcelain stoneware or genuine wood flooring?

The choice between real wood flooring and wood-effect ceramic tiles for bathroom restyling can be a difficult one. It is a decision that needs to be weighed carefully, taking into account not only the aesthetic factor but also your lifestyle, usage habits and the effort you are willing to put into maintaining the room.

What is the best material in terms of durability and resistance? It is undeniable that natural wood floorings and ceramic floor tiles have different longevity: solid wood is more delicate, tends to scratch more and deteriorate more quickly, showing signs of wear and tear earlier. The extent and speed of deterioration depend on the quality and type of wood used on the one hand, and on the usage habits and stresses in the bathroom on the other.

The strength of a wooden flooring is normally assessed using the Janka scale, based on a test of hardness and resistance to dents. To overcome the problem of rapid wear of natural wood flooring, there is the possibility of trimming it, to eliminate or attenuate the signs of time. However, this processing represents a significant burden of both effort and money.

Wood-effect ceramic tiles offer the same aesthetics as wood floorboard strips, while providing superior technical characteristics and lower purchase, cleaning and maintenance costs.

Porcelain stoneware tiles boast high resistance to mechanical stress, scratches, chemicals and foot traffic, avoiding the wear and maintenance problems typical of natural wood, for an impeccable look over time.

A ceramic tile floor is strong and durable but certainly not indestructible. In this case as well it should be preferred to natural wood: replacing a damaged tile is much simpler, cheaper and quicker than replacing wood flooring, where the new strips are likely to have very different colours and textures to the original boards.

Wood also needs specific cleaning products, some of which are expensive, to prevent halos and scratches, preserve the finishing and protect the surface from marks and efflorescence. Ceramic wall tiles, on the other hand, are non-absorbent, resistant to chemicals, resistant to mould and bacteria and therefore extremely hygienic and easy to clean.

For porcelain stoneware wall and floor tiles it is sufficient to use a neutral detergent and water; only in very few cases - indicated in our Porcelain Stoneware Cleaning Manual - specific products are required.

As the bathroom is an inevitably humid environment with a constant presence of water, water-proofing is the decisive factor in favouring wood-effect porcelain stoneware over natural wood flooring.

Porcelain stoneware guarantees practically zero water absorption, equal to or less than 0.5%, and is therefore perfect for flooring areas subject to water and humidity, including the shower area. On the contrary, a solid wood flooring would give several problems if installed in a bathroom: natural wood flooring is affected by water, humidity, temperature changes and chemicals. Therefore, it would require expensive surface treatments and regular maintenance to avoid water and steam absorption, physical deformations and aesthetic changes.

Ultimately, wood flooring seems to be the least sensible choice for the bathroom. To renovate your bathroom it is best to use wood-effect porcelain stoneware: let's discover together the best bathroom designs for your home!

Wood-effect bathroom: classic or modern? Contemporary is better


In recent years, bathroom design trends have turned towards a modern and functional style, developing modern bathrooms with minimalist finishings, state-of-the-art technology and endless personal care features.

Ultra-resistant yet ultra-slim and space-saving shower stalls; taps with touch-free mixers; space-saving countertops; air purifiers and domotic management of all services.

The technological revolution is also affecting the bathroom, but for this room it seems more difficult than ever to give up the charm of the classic style.

While a modern bathroom may be the ideal choice for lovers of comfort and technology, the choice of a classic bathroom, with natural materials, design with soft lines, precious details and the utmost care for every aspect, definitely outlines a much more welcoming environment.


According to bathroom design specialists, should the perfect wood-effect bathroom be classic or modern?
Why choose when there is an alternative solution? You can combine the best of both styles with a contemporary wood-effect bathroom that combines minimalism and technology with sophisticated, timeless details.

A contemporary wood-effect bathroom can easily be characterised through design objects and accessories, developed to provide a unique personality and an intimate atmosphere.

Wood flooring-effect floor tiles are an incredibly versatile decorative solution. They are perfect for creating a colour balance with elements in the room that are either bold, such as gold taps or matt handles, or more evident, such as coloured or hyper-decorated wall tiles. By adding elegant indoor plants and small stone pebbles, an anonymous room can be transformed into an ultra-chic mini spa.

White, green, light blue... or pink bathroom? The best colour combinations for a wood-effect bathroom

For a bathroom with wood-effect floor tiles, the choice of wall tile colour is extremely important: the shade of the wall should maximise the feeling of intimacy, well-being and harmony in the room. This is a decision that needs to be carefully considered if you want to design a bathroom in which you feel truly comfortable.

The trendiest combinations use white and relaxing tones closer to the blue side of the colour spectrum, such as green and light blue. Regardless of the subjective nature of a certain colour preference, it cannot be denied that some colours go better with wood and that it is essential to consider the specific wood species of inspiration to select the most appropriate and enhancing colour.



Choosing white to light up a wood-effect bathroom

Wood-effect tiles are easily combined with white.
The brightness of the light colours enhances the enveloping tones of the natural wood, creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere.
White enhances the authenticity of wood-effect porcelain stoneware, embellishing its graphic details, colour variations and surface finishings.

Lovers of Nordic design - who appreciate this style for its use of neutral colours and nature-inspired materials - will not fail to fall in love with Elisir natural wood-effect porcelain stoneware.

Green colour and wood effect for an ultra-natural touch

The wood-effect wall tiles inspired by elegant oak wood are also a perfect match for various shades of green, bringing the world of nature to life even more intensely.

If a combination of sage green makes for a more sophisticated and conciliatory setting, a combination with a darker green or glossy finishing can create a more urban bathroom, where metal elements and large windows are often featured.

Floor tiles in the Elisir Royal collection enrich the aesthetics of oak with an exclusive oiled finishing that enhances the vein and ultra-realistic details. These surfaces are a perfect match for different shades of green, from the more subdued pastel tones that are very trendy today to the bolder ones. The colour contrast further enhances the authentic graphics of the new Marca Corona porcelain stoneware wall tiles.




Light blue bathroom and dark wood tones for a unique project

The darker shades of wood and the light blue blend like Yin and Yang, creating a strong but reassuring chromatic contrast: this approach in fact evokes the horizon, the point of contact between sky and earth, arousing unconscious feelings of stability and harmony.

In terms of interior design, choosing light blue or blue, cold and intense tones highlights the warmth of the wood-effect surface and the feeling of cosiness and hospitality that comes with it.

Elisir wood-like porcelain stoneware floor tiles match the light blue with natural elegance and - thanks to their metal inserts - decorate the bathroom with surprising brightness.



Pink and wood-effect wall tiles for an ultra-glam bathroom

Pink can be combined with a light-coloured wood effect to create a bathroom with a vintage, fashionable character.
Tiles from the Elisir collection are the perfect choice to balance the lively lightness of pink wall tiles.
The colour combination of wood and pink combines nicely with metallic finishings or eccentric furnishing accessories, making them styled and never excessive.



Light wood vs. dark wood: which one fits better in the bathroom?

Depending on which wood tone you choose, lighter or darker, you can achieve very different styles and atmospheres. Wood-effect floor tiles should give the room a unique harmony, minimising any floor plan defects and enhancing every element of the interior design. Here are some indications on which tone of wood-effect porcelain stoneware to choose for your bathroom.


Choose light wood-effect floor tiles to emphasise space

Lighter wood tiles are perfect to design a Nordic or modern style bathroom, where brightness is sought after and a minimalist decoration prevails. Whether warm or cold, lighter wood tones provide greater design freedom as they can be easily combined with both light and dark wall tiles and decorated walls, without ever causing a "box" or "claustrophobic" effect.

When choosing the colour of wall tiles, one important aspect must not be forgotten: the dimensions of the bathroom. The bathroom is often small and sometimes with unfavourable floor plans: narrow, long, angled, perhaps with awkward niches.

As the colour of the floor and wall tiles influences the perception of space, in small rooms it is best to choose lighter or brighter surfaces, or at least try to lighten dark floor tile tones with airy, relaxed or brightly detailed wall tiles.

Depending on the shape and dimension of your bathroom, you can play with ceramic tiles of different effects and colours to achieve a unique result and enhance any space, even the most confined and dark. 


Choose a dark wood effect for a classically elegant bathroom

Darker wood-effect tiles are especially suitable for larger, light-filled bathrooms, where they provide visual depth and warmth, while at the same time giving a strong, sophisticated style. For small, confined or poorly lit rooms, a very dark total look is not the right choice, as it would be a bit heavy or make the space seem even narrower.

Total look: the ideal accessories for a wood-effect bathroom

The true Designer looks at the details! The elegance of a wood-effect bathroom can be skilfully enhanced by functional and sophisticated accessories, which are able to captivate and create an impressive total look. Which is the ideal furniture for a wooden bathroom?

Opting for saturated and contrasting colours will lead to a plethora of compositions, allowing us to exploit the value of metal details and ultra-glam fascinations, to compose a modern and trendy bathroom.

A stone washbasin can be a real touch of class, enriching the room with a touch of authenticity. Even better if combined with wooden furniture and fabrics in light colours and textures.

Coloured majolica accessories and naturalistic patterns can give the wooden bathroom a Mediterranean feel, evoking the cosy, sunny vibe of an exclusive flat on the Riviera.

The latest trend in bathroom accessories is recycling: furniture and design details with unusual shapes and sustainable materials, possibly featuring colour accents designed to catch guests' attention and create a "wow effect".

The inclusion of floral elements - such as green plants or decorative bouquets - is the real icing on the cake for a cosy bathroom, for a perfect harmony between trend and nature.

Wood-effect ceramic tiles are the perfect choice for bathroom renovation

Resistant, versatile and available in a wide variety of woods and shades, Marca Corona wood-effect porcelain stoneware can support any bathroom project, ensuring the perfect balance between stylistic elegance and practicality of maintenance, which is essential for such a challenging environment. Wood-effect porcelain stoneware floor tiles add unique appeal to interior design without compromising on hygiene, safety and ease of cleaning.

Do you want to renovate your bathroom and create a cosy and trendy wood-effect setting? Discover the wood-effect porcelain stoneware collections by Marca Corona.

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