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On the occasion of Cersaie 2019, Marca Corona has embarked on a journey around the world in search of the most evocative locations and the most splendid inspirations, able to bring a fresh look and allure to ceramics. A journey. A simple, yet fascinating theme, and an opportunity not to be missed for Marca Corona to draw fresh creative inspiration and offer ceramic surfaces never seen before, able to bring unique atmospheres to every setting. A journey that explores cultures, sensations and local folklore and provides the creative spark for 9 innovative collections, each one inspired by a different city in the world and with its very own style. But our trip #aroundtheworld is not over: discover Marca Corona cities and collections here below! 

It’s the mesmerising
colours of the desert.

It’s the mesmerising colours of the desert and the white-hot allure of the kasbahs of the Middle east that provide the inspiration for Overclay, the new earth-effect collection by Marca Corona. Fascinated by these authentic surfaces, the mind inevitably strays off towards Marrakesh, with its intricate little streets, picturesque markets and vibrantly coloured traditional crafts.

The ultimate charm of these porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles comes from the warm, material nuances, designed to evoke the graceful, alluring beauty of the sand as dusk falls.


A tribute to the elegance and rigour of late-nineteenth-century London, with the timeless allure of its Neoclassical buildings such as the Royal Opera House or the Victoria & Albert Museum. The sophisticated wood panelling of the Victorian age is given a contemporary makeover in the Victoria collection of white-body wall tiles, characterised by innovative three-dimensional effects and sophisticated nuances. Elegant cornices and geometric volumes stand out against flawless surfaces, enhanced by pastel shades with a bon ton charm and by more theatrical accents of colour. 

A tribute to the elegance and rigour
of late-nineteenth-century London.

Paris, an emblem of style, elegance and magnificence, famous for its haute couture catwalks and monuments of timeless allure. These exclusive, dream-like atmospheres provide the inspiration for Foyer, a series of stoneware floor and wall coverings called upon to emulate marble, the noble material par excellence, with brand-new graphic and colour effects. These ultra-modern ceramics have been studied to turn elegant surfaces into design elements with a pop soul!

Exclusive, dream-like
Nature, meditation, taking care
of the body.


Nature, meditation, taking care of the body: these are the essential values of Thailandese culture, and the inspirations behind Soul Bay, a collection of white-body wall tiles dedicated to wellness facilities. These sophisticated ceramics are able to transmit calming tactile and visual sensations, thanks to the gently material relief effects and natural, aquatic shades that play a graceful tribute to ancient oriental civilisations and the rich, ornamental beauty of their fine fabrics and wallpapers.  

An eclectic, stimulating
avant-garde metropolis.



New York: the city that never sleeps. An eclectic, stimulating, avant-garde metropolis that’s reflected in StoneCloud, the new series with a lava stone effect and a magnetic personality. Innovative material experimentation. Sophisticated 3D details and ultra-modern accents of colour give these stoneware floor and wall tiles a decidedly urban look, perfect for the most exclusive metropolitan interiors.


A tribute to the beauty and folklore of the bel paese, an ode to life, creativity and colour. Inspired by the vibrant hues of traditional majolica tiles and the expressive style of Italian ceramics, Storie d’Italia is a collection of small tiles, with a sunny, retro, strongly decorative character. The joie de vivre of the Mediterranean is expressed to the full with fresh colours, vibrant decorations and bright glazes, studied to bring a carefree touch to contemporary settings.


Tortona, a creative, trendy neighbourhood in Milan, provides the perfect inspiration for a fresh, fun collection of cement tiles. The hallmark of the Tortona series are the original, stylised graphics and soft, chalky tones that create surprisingly sophisticated decorative compositions. These new 1741 floor and wall tiles take an approach that’s playful yet remains faithful to the sophisticated flavour of Milan’s interiors, which they seek both to reflect and reinvent.


Eccentric and provocative, like the anti-conformist Milan of the Eighties, like Memphis style, the radical design current the Paprica collection makes an explicit reference to. A new 1741 idea that seeks to redefine the concept of decoration and to astound with eye-catching geometric graphics. Revolving around stylised patterns and ultra-modern colours, Paprica turns every setting into a unique, creative space.


Young, dynamic and trendy, Milan is the favourite showcase of international designers, choosing industrial colour and style to bring a fresh touch of character to city interiors. Regoli draws its inspiration from these urban chic atmospheres, with coloured brick tiles with a big personality. The on-trend nuances, 3D patterns and glossy glazes make the new Marca Corona Brick tiles a must for the most original, fashionable projects.

Join us on this journey around the world and discover all the inspirations behind the new Marca Corona, collections, premiered at Cersaie 2019.

After your visit at Cersaie, continue to travel with us on our Website and our Facebook and Instagram channels! #marcacorona #aroundtheworld

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