Ventilated walls

The ventilated wall, or ventilated façade, is a thermal insulation system for buildings that consists of a series of layers with a ventilated substructure made up of layers that all have a distinct function and all have specific technical features. The external covering consists of elements of a number of compositions that are installed via suspension or mechanical fitting and that create an air gap between the cladding and the wall. Ventilated walls guarantee buildings a better thermal, hygrometric and acoustic performance compared to traditional facades. The planning of ventilated walls also adapts to the aesthetic and functional needs of the building.

Ventilated walls meet the aesthetic and functional needs of contemporary architecture and ensure the protection of external walls thanks to two main
The protection against rainwater
The breathability of the wall

This light and safe technology guarantees excellent performance to perimetral walls favouring the wellbeing of people.
The main advantages are:
01. ventilation
02. protection against weather agents
03. thermal protection
04. acoustic protection


Thanks to its technical and aesthetic features Marca Corona porcelain stoneware is the suitable material for ventilated wall systems. Particularly resistant to wear, thermal shock, chemicals and weather agents, Marca Corona porcelain stoneware is a technologically advanced solution that ensures perfect maintenance over time.


The Marca Corona Project department offers a complete set of services for a perfect result:
01. Project-planning
02. Installation
03. Assistance on the work-site

Ventilated wall systems are designed to resist any weather conditions without causing damage to the structure or to the external covering. The quality of materials guarantees the maximum resistance to corrosive chemicals present in the atmosphere.

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