Raised floors

Marca Corona is a partner of reference for the planning, production and installation of raised floors, evolved technical solutions that are flexible and reliable and perfect for commercial and industrial building. Thanks to their technical and aesthetic features, Marca Corona raised floors adapt to any style and project needs. The structure of the floor allows for the creation of a gap below the foot-plan which can house electrical circuits, hydraulic piping and air-conditioning systems, yet also maintains the aesthetic appeal of the floor.


Raised floors are the perfect solution for renovation works using precious materials and with no damage to the pre-existing structure.

In any type of space, raised floors favour the functional organisation of the space, ensuring the opportunity of changes in progress.


Marca Corona offers a broad range of sizes to meet any planning need and in order to choose the best solution depending on the project type. Thanks to this broad range, Marca Corona can guarantee the maximum planning versatility.

30X60 - 45X90 - 22,5X90 - 15X90 - 60X60 - 60X120 - 30X120 - 20X120 - 75X75 cm


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