Extra large slabs


The latest design trends reveal the great interest of architects and designers for versatile solutions, spacious areas and large surfaces. Irrespective of the dimensions and style of the project - classic, contemporary or minimalist - the most prestigious examples all share the same care for detail and visual continuity.

To fulfil these requirements, ceramic assortments have been completed by the addition of extra large sizes, combining all the technical and stylistic potential of porcelain stoneware with a stronger visual impact, and suitable for unexpected intended uses. Extra large slabs have now become a must for all ceramic industries that look towards the future.

For this reason, Marca Corona has taken account of the new needs of contemporary design to complete its assortment of floors, walls and mosaics with the 120x240 cm size, characterised by the maximum expressive power and aesthetic continuity.

The selection of Marca Corona extra large slabs consists of 3 new Cersaie collections, Motif Extra, Type and Bleecker. It aims at enhancing the captivating look and versatility of these marble, metal and reclaimed wood (OSB) effect surfaces.

3 Collections – 10 Items


Motif Extra

Motif Extra Calacatta Gold
Motif Extra Calacatta Silver
Motif Extra Calacatta Gold BookMatch
Motif Extra Calacatta Silver BookMatch


prova ridimensionamento automatico



Type Dark
Type Grey
Type Rust





Bleecker Dark
Bleecker White
Bleecker Beige


bleecker grandi lastre



Each slab is the perfect synthesis of aesthetic research, technical excellence and cutting-edge technology. It guarantees superior performances in terms of resistance and reliability, typical of the best porcelain stoneware.

The possibility to choose also the new extra large slabs, along with the sizes currently offered, makes the range of Marca Corona more versatile and suitable for fulfilling any personal taste and project requirement. Thanks to its technical performance and aesthetic prestige, the Marca Corona 120x240 size becomes the ideal solution for commercial and residential interiors with a bold and refined character.




Owing to its dimensions and weight, this size calls for the observance of special handling, storage, cutting and installation procedures. Therefore, to help customers and building companies that have chosen this product, Marca Corona has developed a Brochure and four Video Tutorials.

Please consult the pdf below and the video available on our YouTube and Vimeo channels to discover all the simple instructions for correctly performing each stage.