Original excellence of stoneware porcelain

Our collections

Marca Corona porcelain stoneware tiles outline all its external modernity and unique properties in exquisite front-line collections. Innovative and accomplished designs were inspired from aesthetics of Italian stoneware traditions perfectly reflected in authentic shapes and textures of our ceramic tiles. Each collection creates inimitable and special atmosphere capable to fill the living spaces with iconic Made in Italy splendour.

Stoneware porcelain essence is perfectly expressed in authentic collections reflecting original background of this material and its modern reincarnation adopted for everyday needs. Marca Corona reinvented the image of porcelainstoneware tile enriching interiors with advanced technical features and inimitable nobility of natural stone. Some of our collections represent continuation of iconic terracotta art combining traditions and technologies adapted to modern conveniences and requirements. Natural and sophisticated porcelain appearance reinforced with new technologies and materials will leave you nothing to be desired in terms of design and reliability. All ceramic tiles offer improved resistance to scratches, moisture together with easy cleaning.

Elegance and blessed innocence of porcelain stoneware found its outlet in modern and highly functional collection of natural stone tiles constantly evolving in open-minded attitude of Marca Corona experts.