Abrasion resistance

Ceramic tiles abrasion resistance is the capacity of the glaze surface to resist the wear caused by foot traffic or the abrasion caused by mechanical equipment (lift trucks, etc.). The wear action is strictly linked with the mechanical agent (rubber sole, leather sole, etc.), the material carried onto the surface (water, sand, mud, etc.) and the classified in five categories depending on the areas they are to be used in:

PEI I - Tiles for areas with ligth traffic and without abrasive dirt, e.g. bathrooms, bedrooms.
PEI II - Tiles for areas with average traffic and medium to low abrasion, e.g. studyng rooms, living rooms.
PEI III - Tiles for areas with higt medium to high traffic and average abrasion, e.g. foyer, kitchen in private residences.
PEI IV - Tiles for areas with intense traffic, e.g. restaurants, offices, shops, public offices (excluding floors under cash desks and shop counters and narrow unavoidable passageways).
PEI V - Tiles for areas with especially intense traffic.