Prioritizing ecologic tiles

USGBC LEEDV4 Compliant


Safeguarding the health of mankind and protecting the environment are core values at Marca Corona, a company committed to continual improvement of its activities in terms of eco-sustainability. Marca Corona is an ordinary member of the U.S. GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL as testimony to its strong will and constant and concrete commitment in the process of safeguarding the environment.


The LEED (Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design) standards are the most important parameters for sustainable building. Promoted in the United States by the U.S. Green Building Council, they are spread and applied in over 50 countries across the world.
LEED V4 is a rating system characterized by allocating points or credits in the various sustainability areas. The credits can be obtained if a project and/or construction is consistent with the specific requisites. LEED V4 is a voluntary certification system focused on the entirety of the construction and not just the individual product.


Marca Corona’s commitment is also fulfilled in the percentage energy saving and production and packaging material recycling. These numbers are strong and concrete testimony to the corporate philosophy of manufacturing ceramic tiles with an as low as possible environmental impact.


100% recycled raw industrial waste
The raw material waste discarded during the production cycle because not conform to the quality standards is completely recycled. As the raw materials have not yet undergone firing, they are reused in preparation of the mix. This results in a considerable reduction in raw material consumption.


100% recycled fired industrial waste
The fired tile waste cannot be reused in the production cycle in order not to compromise the high quality standards. It is therefore sent to external companies and mainly used in the construction of road beds. This results in a reduction of the raw materials used and substantial resizing of the waste released into the environment.


100% recycled wastewater
Marca Corona recycles 100% of the wastewater produced internally during the entire production process. We also use wastewater coming from other ceramic companies for a total of 6% of our annual water requirements. In this way, we save 42.5% of the internal water resources.


100% recycled packaging
All the materials used to pack the Marca Corona products (boxes, blanks, heat-shrink film, pallets, etc.) are 100% recycled.


Reduction of emissions
Marca Corona has allocated substantial sums of money to its production plant so that we are able to keep the level of gaseous emissions into the atmosphere clearly below those established by the Italian regulations.


Energy saving
The advanced technology of Marca Corona’s systems means that also heat can be recovered. The energy is reused both in the production cycle and for heating the working environments. This positively reduces the fossil fuel requirements and greenhouse gas emissions.

What’s more:
Heat recovery in the production processes
Heat recovery toward comburent air allows a 7% overall reduction of consumption, while recovery toward the driers amounts to a further reduction of 6%.
Heat recovery for heating
15% of the heat emitted by the ceramic kilns in the winter period is reused to directly or indirectly heat the working environments resulting in an annual recovery of approximately 5%.
In total, in the course of a year, 18% of the heat used during tile firing is recovered, equal to 1,150 TEP or 2,800 tons of CO2. This is the same as taking 1,700 cars a year off the road!
FAO pallets
Marca Corona uses only pallets treated in accordance with the IPCC/FAO ISPM 15 standards in order to safeguard the forests of importing countries.