At Marca Corona we believe that style is nothing without responsibility: nowadays a company plays a key social role as far as environment, welfare and innovation are concerned. For us, ethic means operating with transparency and correctness towards all stakeholders, be they customers, suppliers or employees. 

Furthermore, we believe that " Made in Italy" is not a mere sales slogan but an emotive brand, which embodies strong values such as product quality, environmental and social responsibility, innovation and last but not least style. For this reason we wholeheartedly decided to endorse the "Ethical Code" of Confindustria Ceramica, which commits companies to clearly state the country of origin of its products.  

We are proud to stamp "Made in Italy" on all our tiles, because Marca Corona products are 100% "Made in Italy", comply with ethical work standards and ensure first class product quality. Our customers can feel confident that their floors and coverings have been produced using premium raw materials, environmental friendly technologies and have been manufactured under the best working conditions possible.