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Memory, tradition and evolution

Galleria Marca Corona has resurrected the heritage of the Fabbrica Rubbiani collection, reaffirming the importance of the values of tradition that find their fundamental principle in "ceramic evolution".

The collection on display has its origin in the "Museum of the Fabbrica Rubbiani", showcased in the nineteenth-century in the residential mansion adjacent to the factory located in Contrada del Borgo. From the very beginning, the museum proved to be one containing the most precious objects made of Sassolese ceramics, supplemented by some Faenza pieces as well as other ceramic works from other Italian regions. A historic series of styles, where the absolute protagonist was the ancient "Fabbrica della Majolica" of our town.
The objective of this museum was that of being a testament to the historical tradition of Sassolese manufacture, so much so that, as Federico Argiani, the first real person to study the collection in-depth, said that everyone could understand the merger of past and present in contemporary ceramic production thanks to entrepreneurial and artistic tradition, "attesting the importance and eternal excellence of the factory in Sassuolo".

During the twentieth century, the "Ditta Carlo Rubbiani" became the "Società Anonima Ceramica di Sassuolo", in 1935, it became the "Società Anonima Ceramiche Marca Corona" and went on to become today’s Ceramiche Marca Corona S.p.A., who continue to gather and index ceramic works of the past, and which are now showcased in this gallery. This collection includes the "entire genetic inheritance” of the company founded in 1741, and a company that has always pursued industrial excellence.

The collection tracks the evolution of the Sassolese factory from the eighteenth-century to today, passing from tableware and furniture produced in the early years, to the plates for the naming and numbering of streets and up to the decorated ceramic tiles for floors and walls, the precursors of the modern industrial production of the company.
Galleria Marca Corona gathers and preserves the spirit of tradition that is an integral part of the success of the Sassolese ceramics, becoming the heir and successor of a unique entrepreneurial story, not only in the district, but also in Italy and across the world.
Ceramiche Marca Corona is pleased to offer residents, scientists and all lovers of ceramics this important record of our mutual historic heritage.

Ceramiche Marca Corona dedicate the Galleria to the memory of the late President of Gruppo Concorde, Professor Cirillo Mussini, who fully understood its value and preserved its integrity.

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