Versatile, colourful, brilliant, iridescent: the tesserae, or mosaic tiles, go beyond the traditional concept of decor and become a size, independent protagonist of the design project. The next generation of tessera to cover walls and surfaces, to create charming backdrops with an exclusive effect. We have chosen the Tesserae from our best collections to design 3 style emotions: DESIGN, MAJOLICA and STONES.

1. Design

Modern style and innovation. Contemporary tesserae design the new living scenarios. Contemporary mood stretching to the future for this macro-area dedicated to avant-garde tessera: three glittering collections for innovative surfaces with a strong character, designed to dress the new living style with a touch of unconventional class. Here some mosaics from Deluxe Collection...

tessere deluxe.2      tessere deluxe.3 


2. Majolica
Deep glazes and warm hues to create romantic atmospheres between past and contemporaneity.
Elegance between past suggestions and the modern day: this is the spirit of Maioliche, a seducing path along the roads towards timeless classic. Two variants, exalted by the deep glazes and the lively colours of small, beautiful tesserae drawing a hint of inspiration from the country style. Here our Jolie mosaics...

petite maison porpora    jolie blue


4. Stones
Intense and natural stones, country-chic colours in line with the most elegant Italian tradition. The ceramic tile mosaics together with the allure of natural stone, an intimateaffinity to create textures and scenarios inspired by the neutral colours of earth. Beiges and browns, whites and natural yellows, pinks and ivories in a continual flow of small tesserae, unique emotions for those who love the unmistakable glamour of the Italian tradition. Find out more about Universe mosaics...

universe    universe tessere