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MementaEmbossed ceramic wall tiles with an evocative expression

Mementa, an evocative name for incredibly expressive 40x80cm white-body wall tiles. The hallmark of this new Marca Corona series are the highly distinctive textures, able to transmit surprising visual and tactile sensations. The delicately uneven effects and the material details already present on the smooth surfaces are enhanced by two relief structures with a pleasant worn effect.


While Marca recalls human action and is inspired by the motifs once embossed on the back of tiles, Traccia features soft lines and worn graphics with a worn touch. The application of chalky glazes and the presence of streaks and reliefs, clearly perceptible to the touch, enhance the authentic, reassuring character of Mementa, which comes in an engaging range of warm shades with a desert inspiration (Bianco, Avorio, Sabbia, Corda).


Mementa features a rich variety of sophisticated decorative elements, composed of two different mesh-backed tesserae, the elegant Micro mosaics and the Spina decoration, which combines the various nuances into a herringbone pattern with a contemporary flavour. Finally, these wall coverings are complemented with two more sophisticated decorations, in the 40x80 size: while the floral composition of Papiro transmits an exotic atmosphere with its gilded details, the geometric patterns of the Tessile decoration evoke the soft feel of fabric and the simple style of tribal patterns.

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